Carnival in Ovodda. “Mercoledì delle ceneri”

The “Mehuris de Lessia” Ash Wednesday is the craziest of the carnivals. From the first hours of the afternoon of the first day of Lent, the main street of Ovodda starts filling up with people disguised in various ways and strange, ancient traditional masks made of leather, bells and horned headgear, the most peculiar and strange hairstyles. As the hours passed the road is filled with more and more people. This madding crowd walking up and down the street, someone brings in the shoulder or drag the strangest things, others have containers with a mixture of oil and coal dust with which depict the countenance of all. A group of masked pushes and pulls a cart with large puppet, is “Don Conte” hated real character, the people who followed him, hit him with sticks and shouting curses. When night falls, the dummy is set on fire and pushed to the outskirts of the village where he is thrown into a ravine.

Photos of Tonino Sotgiu 


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