Horse hike “Hotel Supramonte”

Tour Level:III
Murgugliai, Su Sercone, Gorropu Canyon: two unforgettable days in the heart of Supramonte.
The mountain Supramonte covers a part of the center-east of Sardinia, which extends in the communes of Orgosolo, Oliena and Urzulei up to the beautiful beaches of Dorgali and Baunei. These karst mountains of rare beauty are rich of caves, ravines, sinkholes, canyons and summits, mysterious and inaccessible, full of ancient stories, which until a few decades ago were offering shelter for the bandits.
Our night refuge, which once offered rest to the hard work of coal miners, is surrounded by a dense forest of secular majestic oak trees.
Our traveling companions are the small Sardinian horses faithful and resistant, which will accompany us to discovery this wild and wonderful landscape of limestone cliffs inhabited by flora and fauna characteristics of places.
Istruttore e la guida – il vice presidente dell’associazione Pietro Cubeddu.
  • The whole year
  • 2 days (1 night)
  • 60 km

1° Day

1° tappa, 20 km

5 ore a cavallo

Departure from our equestrian base located in the countryside of Orgosolo. We cross a part of the town until we get to the rural church of San Marco, where we shall take a path through oak woods and Mediterranean bushes. This way, which is passing through “Cuile Sos Pireddas”, we’ll bring us to the small river Cedrino; from here we will continue along the river bed which will allow us to observe the typical riparian vegetation such as oleanders, the blacks alders and willows, until we reach “Cuile Iserrai”. In location “Settile Perdosu” riders can have a pause for a picnic lunch and a little rest.
After the brake, we will go to “Cuile Disarche” where sometimes it is possible to observe the golden eagle, wild boars, wild sheep and other wildlife species that inhabit these places.
Soon we will arrive to location calls “Murgugliai”, where there is the house of our refuge for the night. The refuge was called “pantry”, which was used by charcoal. Recently it has been completely renovated by the town of Orgosolo for being used by hikers.
This place is also known because of the Police and army troops broke up a notorious group of bandits in 1899.
Leaving our horses for the night rest, we will turn on the fire to roast the delicious local meat for our dinner with a local vine Canonau.

2° Day

2° tappa, 30 km

8 ore a cavallo

After the breakfast, we will saddle our horses and will take an uphill road along the cliffs that will lead us towards the pinnacle of the Ridge of Supramonte Mountain, which calls “Scala de S’arenarju”. This place, which astounds you and takes your breath away, offers you the possibility to admire unforgettable and splendid panorama. Here we crossed the gate and found ourselves on a vast plateau, the heart of Supramonte, where we have to follow a narrow path between rocks, stones and the trees.
The substrate is chalky caves, sinkholes and ravines, so the water does not flow on the surface but in underground rivers; that’s why the animals that inhabit these places have to drink the water that is found in small puddles, which calls in the local dialect “presezzos”. The man, in ancient times, in order to get water had to immerse by themselves in caves.
The particularity of this place is that you can admire the varied scenery; crossing juniper, holm oak forests, expanses of scrubland and rocciai white shining until you reach the valley of Su Sercone, 200 meters deep and wide over 400 meters, it is generated by the collapse of the roof of a large cave.
Following the path you come to Campu Donianicoro, a large plateau rich game where you can admire ancient folds of those shepherds Pinnettos, built with calcareous stone basement and roof juniper wood with conical type hut.
The plateau is dominated by a Nuraghe, whose entrance is visible in the distance.
Continue to Janna Degori, an impenetrable forest of oak that inside has field where ancient caprari had built their pinnetti and shelters for their flocks. Today is only visible the sheepfold restored where you will pause for lunch in harmony with nature.
Coming back you will admire the view of the Canyon Gorropu, Nuraghe Mereu and Nuraghe Gorropu.


The whole year


2 days (1 nights)

Total length:

60 km

Departure from:

Orgosolo (NU)


Cagliari, Olbia, Alghero

Transfer to Orgosolo:

Is available in an additional fee

Number of partecipants:

Groups min 2 persons

Experience level:

Professional riders


Accompaniment by professional instructors

Accompanies SUV to transport personal belongings, drinks and food.


Italian, English and Russian


Special clothing for riding: jodhpurs or breeches, The change.

Boots with chaps or high boots.

Riding helmets can be released by our club.

Jacket and sweater (it can be cold in the mountains), swimming dress.

Sleeping bag.


Sardinian Anglo-arabians, local sardinian horses of pony-class


Pace, trot, gallop


British sport saddles, snaffle bits, Sardinian traditional bits “morso”


Retreat for hikers, where you sleep with the sleeping bag.

Catering and food

Food in this hike is based on purely natural farm products: cottage cheese, prosciutto, homemade sausage, antipasti, fresh meat cooked over charcoal, house wine Cannonau, vegetables, fruit, pasta and homemade pastries.


1° Day


•Hot supper

2° Day



Price of the tour

Partecipant300 EUR

Price includes:

  • Rent a horse and accoutrements
  • Accompaniment
  • Accommodation
  • Full board

Price doesn't include

  • transfer to Orgosolo


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