Horseback riding excursion “Pradu – Three lakes”

Riding excursion on the plateau Pradu

20 km, 4 hours ride

Horseback safari on the Pradu plateau

Orgosolo is a town located in the center of Barbagie, known and visited by thousands of tourists from different nationalities, especially for its murals. These paintings, which are an open-air museum, representing different aspects of everyday life but also reasons revolutionaries and political situations in the world.

The horse ride begins with the crossing of a small part of the town, and then take the road to Foresta Montes. A highlight of this route is Cucuru ‘and Paza, a mountain located to 1092 m above sea level from where you can admire the mountains of Gennargentu with Punta La Marmora (1833 m above sea level) is the highest peak of Sardinia, and the chain of Supramonte. It continues to Hohosi where there is a ‘picnic area where you pause to eat a picnic lunch, accompanied by an excellent local wine – Cannonau. Taking the ride again towards small lake Steheò and the will take a backway.

Along the way you can see the village nuragico and the Domus de Janas (home of the fairies) in the area Sirilò, evidence of human presence in this area since ancient times; but also observe centuries-old trees of oak and many species of wild and domestic animals grazing wildlife such as wild boar and wild goats.

Time table:

Annualy a daily, in the morning or in the evening

Riding hours:

4 hours on a horseback


20 km

Complexity of itinerary:


Departure from:

Orgosolo (NU)

Transfer to Orgosolo

Shuttle service to Orgosolo can be provided at extra cost

Accompaniment, language:

the excursion must be accompanied by two guides instructors

Languages: Italian, English and Russian

Number of riders:

Groups 1-8 persons


For those who do not have special clothing for riding, must be dressed in long pants, which does not restrict movement. The shoes must be closed with no heel or heel that does not exceed 2-3 cm. The kep should be released from the club.

Esperience level:

All levels


Sardinian mountain horses of pony-class, sardinian anglo-arabians. No using stallions.


Pace, trot, gallop


English saddles, sport bridles, sardinian “morso”

Price of the excursion

110 EUR for pax


Price includes

  • Rent a horse and accoutrements
  • Picnic – lunch with sardinian tipical products
  • Accompaniment by professional guides

Price doesn't include

  • Transfer to Orgosolo


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