Sirilò – Archaeology of Orgosolo

Horse riding excursion “Sirilò. Journey into prehistoric settlement”

12 km
3 hours ride

If you are interested in antiquity, archeology and history. If you would love to explore remembrance of prehistoric settlements, hidden among dense forests by riding local Sardinian horses, then this trip is for you!

The tour takes place in the wild holly oaks forest, along the mountain called Sirilò. This place was densely populated by people for many centuries; the proof of it are the ruins of a prehistoric city hided in the depth of the forest.
This archaeological site is extremely complex and very interesting: it includes a variety of archaeological monuments belonging to different eras. For instance, the necropolis Domus de Janas, which is located on a rocky mountainside, is referring to the late Neolithic (3400-3200 BC); and the ruins of nuragical settlement with a Nuraghe itself, built on the top of the mountain Sirilò at an altitude of 1135 m above sea level, belongs to the Bronze Age (1800 – 238 BC).
Having tied our horses, we will climb a few meters up on the top of the mountain to rich the ruins of Nuraghe Sirilò. There is almost nothing left of it, only one wall built of medium-sized stones and connected with a rock. In appearance, it resembles remains of a prehistoric house and not a fortress, but local archeologists refute this opinion by referring this construction to the Nuraghe of the later time.
Climbing up to the top, we’ll find ourselves on the viewing point. This place shows us the whole vast territory of Barbagia: in the East, we can admire the massive mountain range of Supramonte, in the South we can see Gennargentu, the highest mountain of Sardinia; there are Olai lake and the town of Fonni in the West; there is the capital of the province – Nuoro in the North. Now it is getting clear for us the fact that the ancient inhabitants chose this place to build a town.
Along the way, we’ll visit other important archeological attractions: Domus de Janas of Usturuthai and the part of a big complex of necropolis of Oreharva.
During almost the whole trip, we will stay in the shade of the holly oak forest at the altitude of 1000 m, so you can enjoy freshness and coolness even in the hottest days of the year.
Technical information:

Time table:

Annualy and daily, in the morning and in the evening

Riding hours:

3 hours on a horseback


12 km

Departure from:

Orgosolo (NU)

Transfer to Orgosolo

Shuttle service to Orgosolo can be provided at extra cost

Accompaniment, language:

Accompaniment by professional instructors

Languages: Italian, English and Russian

Number of riders:

Groups 1-8 persons. Non more than 4 beginners in the group!


For those who do not have special clothing for riding, must be dressed in long pants, which does not restrict movement. The shoes must be closed with no heel or heel that does not exceed 2-3 cm. The kep should be released from the club.

Esperience level:

All levels


Sardinian mountain horses of pony-class, Sardinian anglo-arabians. No using stallions.


Pace, trot


English saddles, sport bridles

Price of the excursion

80 EUR

Price includes

  • Rent a horse and accoutrements
  • Accompaniment by professional guides


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