Horse riding excursion “Orgosolo – Funatana Bona”

Tour Level:II • III

Horse riding excursion Orgosolo – Funtana Bona

40 km

6 – 8 hours of horse riding with tipical sardinian lunch

The excursion starts in the town Orgosolo, which is located in the central eastern part of Sardinia and is built at the foot of a mountain about 650 meters above the sea level. The area of Orgosolo is about 22,200 and includes a small cultivated plain, and several areas in the hills, where are grown the sun-drenched vines – Cannonau, while in the mountains had cattle breeding in the wild. The type of mountains here are in source of shale and limestone.
The schistose mountains characterize by low Mediterranean scrub and small bushes, and offer a typical landscape of the mountains of Gennargentu.
The origin of Limestone Mountains provide diverse landscapes are rich in biodiversity and endemic species you may encounter various flora and fauna of the Supramonte. Being limestone, in the end have been shaped by water, and have long underground tunnels, canyons, gorges and towering heels.
The numerous caves were once used by primitive and then by the shepherds, and the most inaccessible and secret caves were the refuge of fugitives who in past decades were numerous in these territories.
The meeting point of the riders are on the outskirts of Orgosolo, and then embarks on a journey along the old mule tracks and paths frequented by nomadic herders.
The first stretch along approximately 5 km, you can see a forest of oak, then in the locality named ” Sirilo ” hidden by the vegetation can be glimpsed the ” Domus de Janas ” (fairy houses), which are consisted of rooms carved into the rock that had functions hide the dead during nuragic period.
After a few kilometers we arrive in area titled “Ventosu” (“the place of the wind”), continue our way towards the lake Olai, crossing a vast plateau where you can see grazing cows, pigs, sheep, goats and horses, cattle of Sardinian breed living in the wild.
From Olai we’ll climb towards Pihisone, a high mountain about 1400 meters above sea level. In these places you can admire the mountains to the west of Gennargentu (Monte Spada, Bruncu Spina and Punta la Mormora), while to the east the mountains of Supramonte Orgosolo. Here you can see wild boars, foxes, wild sheep, golden eagles and feral Sardinian horses.
From Pihisone we go down to the mountain Monte Fumai and we’ll take a way towards fresh karst spring called Funtana Bona and where there is a large area of Pic -Nic.
Once there take off saddles and bridles from horses, we lead them to water and then leave them to rest, then all the riders enjoy the shade of the live oaks and tasty lunch prepared by local pastors.
Lunch bases on typical local products: homemade bread, meat, cheese and wine Cannonau.
After the lunch, calmly takes a short but still spectacular way back to Orgosolo.

Time table:

Annualy a daily

Riding hours:

6-8 hours on a horseback


38 km


From Orgosolo (NU)

Accompaniment, language:

the excursion must be accompanied by two guides instructors

Languages: Italian, English and Russian

Number of riders:

Groups 2-8 persons


For those who do not have special clothing for riding, must be dressed in long pants, which does not restrict movement. The shoes must be closed with no heel or heel that does not exceed 2-3 cm. The kep should be released from the club.

Esperience level:

Professional and amateur riders


Sardinian horse of pony-class, Sardinian anglo-arabians. No using stallions.


Pace, trot, gallop


English saddles, endurance saddles, sport bridles, morso sardo

Price of the excursion

Group 1-8 persons170 EUR

Price includes

  • Rent a horse and accoutrements
  • Lunch – picnic
  • Accompaniment by professional guides

Price doesn't include

  • Transfer to Orgosolo


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