Horse hike to Cala Luna

Tour Level:II • III
Nowhere in Italy beaches are better than in Sardinia.  Cala Luna is the best beach from the better Sardinian ones! It’is thus a paradise, which tend to attract most exacting tourists.
It is located on the northwest coast of the island, near the town Dorgali. The area between the beach surrounded by romantic grots filled with soft sand and decorated with impeccable pink oleander bushes. The shape of the shore and the beach when overlooking the Gulf of Orosei, looks like is a 700-meter long crescent (hence, in fact, the name). The lagoon is comfotably shallow, the water is blue and crystal clear. It is not easy to reach the beach Cala Luna, since the last 8 km of the way is a narrow mountain path, which offers spectacular views from every point!
This exclusive tour is designed for amateurs of active mountain trekking, where you can get to know a breathtaking mountain landscape of Sardinia, see many wild animals, and finally plunge into the crystal clear azure waters of the Mediterranean.
A few words about the Sardinian cuisine, which is legendary, as the most ecological in the world. In the high-quality products and the clean air is the secret of Sardinian longevity. Meals in the tour will be held on farms, where shepherds will prepare various local dishes, among which you will not find any product purchased at the store.
The itinerary of this hike is difficult, it is necessary to overcome various mountain chains and canyons, from time to time to dismount horses for passing complex plots. From the rider requires good physical preparation, possession of all three gaits and the ability to cope with the horse in all situations.
In spite of all the difficulties, this tour will give you a lot of new unforgettable emotions and impressions, as well as energize you for the whole year!
Gide and instructor – Pietro Cubeddu.
  • 5 days (4 nights) / 3 days (4 nights)
  • 136 km / 96 km
  • 1° Day

    I part of the trip, 20 km

    5 hours ride

    The hike starts from the town Orgosolo, which is located in the central eastern part of Sardinia.The town is built at the foot of a mountain about 650 meters above the sea level.
    Until a few decades ago, the economy was based on agriculture and pastoralism, because its area is about 22,200 hectares. The cultivated area includes a small plain and several areas in the hills, where in those hills grows famous type of grape – Cannonau, while in the mountains is bred cattle in the wild. The mountains are the most typical source shale and limestone.
    Given the peculiarity of the landscapes, the history and the richness of biodiversity these places are visited each year.
    The meeting point of the riders is in Orgosolo, then start our journey following the old mule tracks and trails frequented by nomadic herders.
    The first stretch along about 5 km, you can see a forest of oak, then in the area named Sirilò one can see hidden by vegetation the “domos de Janas” or fairy houses, which are rooms carved into the rock that had functions hide the dead in the Nuraghic period.
    After a few km you arrive in an area Pic-Nic named Ventosu and after to Olai, cross a vast plateau where you can see grazing cows, pigs, sheep, goats and horses, cattle bred in wild.
    After Olai we’ll go up towards “Pihisone” a high mountain about 1,400 meters above sea level. In these places you can admire the mountains west of Gennargentu (Monte Spada, Bruncu Spina and Punta la Mormora) while in the east the mountain range of the Supramonte of Orgosolo. Here you can see wild boars, foxes, wild sheep, golden eagles and Sardinian feral horses.
    From Pihisone we ride down to Monte Fumai and then to an abundant and fresh karst spring called Funtana Bona and where there is a large area Pic-Nic.
    Arrived here take off the saddles and bridles of the horses, will lead to watering and feed, and then leave them to rest until tomorrow morning, while the riders are enjoying the shade of oaks, a packed lunch with local products.
    After eating and drinking with the transfer we’ll return back to the hotel (B & B) in Orgosolo, where you can rest.

      You’ll take supper in a restaurant that is located in the historic center of the town.

      2° Day

      II part of the trip, 36 km

      8 hours ride

      Departure from Funtana Bona.
      After the breakfast the transfer will take you to Funtana Bona.
      We’ll saddle horses and take the direction towards mountain Monte Novu San Giovanni until you arrive to a river called Flumineddu. Here we are in an area that has the name Ingurtidorgiu where the river disappears because of a chasm, and at that point you can cross it.
      The way continues along a steep path of 100 m where we are forced to get off the horses. Once up we are in the area of Urzulei S’Arenas in places where you will visit the Tombs of giants which have about 3000 years! Continuing the way we’ll cross the valley Fennau where you can meet wild and domestic animals to wild pasture (Sardinian cows, goats, pigs, donkeys and horses). In place called Janna ‘e rughe we cross the road SS 125 and continuing our hike by trails and dirt roads until we get to Teletodes, wild area near of the town Baunei. Being next to a small river we take advantage of a small break for a lunch with local food and wine.
      After the lunch, we’ll ride between the beautiful mountains of Baunei for another 8 km until we reach the farm “Rifuggio ovile Carta”, where you will have a supper and beds.
      The rooms in the house are provided with 2-4 bunk beds (with using the sleeping bag) with the small bathroom. Personal items will be brought into the fold by jeep.

      3° Day

      III part of the trip, 36 km

      8 hours ride

      Today we’ll get to our main destination – the magic beach of Cala Luna.
      After finishing our delicious breakfast with Sardinian homemade food, we will saddle our horses and will take a road which leads us towards the beach of Cala Luna. Riding along this path, we will see many old abandoned farm of shepherds made out of stone. During the way we can see argalis, wild boars, mountain goats that live on the rocks of Arco di Sa Nurra. Ahead we see a chain of Serra di Cundgiada mountains, where we need to go over the tapering ridge to find ourselves in Sedda Heranu – Spring Valley. This valley got its name due to the fact that it is a flat area in the mountains, but free from stones, and because of it there are a lot of different vegetation. The last 8 km we overcome by the mountain path going down towards the beach. We will enjoy wonderful landscapes of unprecedented beauty. Having reached this beautiful place, we’ll have a big break for swimming and lunch in a small restaurant located next to the beach. Then again we return to the same farm, where we will be waiting for a delicious dinner and sleeping places.

      4° Day

      IV part of the trip, 30 km

      8 hours ride

      Breakfast and departure. We start to get back to Funtana Bona. We pass by Teletodes, cross the road SS 125 and arrive at Janna ‘Rughe. From here we climb up the mountain Punta Is grutta where we can admire a beautiful view. We continue the path of ancient mountain roads used for hundreds of years by shepherds. Then you cross a river and there will be a lonely fold, where you can see wild Sardinian donkeys grazing.
      We stop for lunch in a fold mountain in the Valley Fennau, where you will enjoy the hospitality of the pastors that will make us taste their homemade products.
      After the lunch we continue towards Gutturu Neoi, along a trail that at the beginning of ‘900 was used by coal miners to connect the forests of central Sardinia – Ogliastra the main ports.
      After the trail continues on a dirt road that runs along the heel imposing limestone of Monte Novo San Giovanni, so called because the top of the mountain there are still the ruins of the church. A little more and we got to the national park Funtana Bona.
      We arrive back in Funtana Bona and leave our horses to rest at Caserma Montes. The transfer takes you to Orgosolo where tonight we organize a nice evening with pizza.

      5° Day

      V part of the trip, 30 km

      8 hours ride

      After the transfer takes you to Funtana Bona in Caserma Montes, where we left our horses.
      Today we have to do the last 20 km to return to Orgosolo. Along the way we cross a small river called Pulieddu. Then we drive along the lake Olai and passing the Hippodrome of Orgosolo we get to Hoosi where there is an area for picnic with tables and water provided by the source, where we have lunch at a lot.
      Returning to Orgosolo in the stable we greet with carrots our horses who were inseparable companions throughout our trip.


    5 days (4 nights) / 3 days (2 nights)

    Total length:

    5 Days: 136 km
    3 Days: 96 km

    Departure from:

    5 Days: from Orgosolo (NU)
    3 Days: from Funtana Bona (Caserma Montes), 15 km from Orgosolo


    Cagliari, Olbia, Alghero

    Transfer to Orgosolo:

    Is available in an additional fee

    Number of partecipants:

    Groups min 4 persons

    Experience level:

    Professional and amateur riders


    Accompaniment by professional instructors

    All the way (except impassable places) accompanies SUV to transport personal belongings, drinks and food.


    Italian, English and Russian


    Special clothing for riding: jodhpurs or breeches, The change.

    Boots with chaps or high boots.

    Riding helmets can be released by our club.

    Jacket and sweater (it can be cold in the mountains), swimming dress.

    Sleeping bag.


    Sardinian Anglo-arabians, local sardinian horses of pony-class


    Pace, trot, gallop


    British sport saddles, snaffle bits, Sardinian traditional bits “morso”


    2 nights in hotel/B & B in Orgosolo

    2 nights at the farm “Rifugio ovile Carta”

    Catering and food

    Food in this hike is based on purely natural farm products: cottage cheese, prosciutto, homemade sausage, antipasti, fresh meat cooked over charcoal, house wine Cannonau, vegetables, fruit, pasta and homemade pastries.


    1° Day


    •Dinner in restaurant

    2° Day

    •Breakfast in hotel


    •Supper at the farm

    3° Day

    •Breakfast at the farm

    •Lunch in restaurant at the beach

    •Dinner at the farm

    4° Day

    •Breakfast at the farm

    •Lunch with shepherds (pranzo con I pastori)

    •Dinner in pizzeria

    5° Day

    •Breakfast in hotel


    Price for 5 Days of the tour

    Partecipant895 EUR
    Partecipant with an own horse395 EUR

    Price for 3 Days of the tour

    Partecipant495 EUR
    Partecipant with an own horse250 EUR

    Price includes:

        • Rent a horse and accoutrements
        • Accompaniment
        • Accommodation
        • Full board
        • feeding horses

    Price doesn't include

        • air ticket
        • transfer to Orgosolo


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