General rules of conduct

General rules of conduct during the jorney

Tourist during a trip is required:

  • Fulfill the requirements and guidelines of instructor and the group leader in all that relates to this trip
  • Watch for the safety of their personal property
  • Follow and respect the tour schedule. Don’t be late for the meeting appointments
  • Tactfully behave in relation to the locals and their culture, avoiding conflicts
  • Immediately tell to the group leader of indisposition or of any injury
  • Tourists whose state of health requires regular medication, should provide them themselves in advance for the whole trip, and inform about their disease the leader of the group and instructors.

Tourist while traveling is prohibited:

  • Vandalizing, littering and pollute the environment
  • Trying unknown berries and mushrooms, collect poisonous plants
  • Swiming in the local lakes, without the permission of the lrader of the group, jumping into the water from the rocks, swiming in areas of rapid flow or close to passing ship
  • Smoking in public places and throw the cigarette butts on the ground because of the great danger of ignition
  • Using drugs
  • Drinking alcohol excessively

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