Horse hike to Cala Sisine

Exiting horse hike for active people amateurs of sport, nature and the sea.Gide and instructor – Pietro Cubeddu.

  • 3 days (2 nights).
  • 96 km on a horseback!!!

1° Day, FRIDAY

I part of the trip, 30 km

8 hours ride
    We take a way towards the mountain Monte Novu San Giovanni until we will get at the small river called Flumineddu. At Ingurtidordgiu, the place where the river is interrupted we are able to get over it. After crossing, we have to overcome another difficult piece which is 100 meters long – uphill on a narrow path, which cannot be made on horseback. Upstairs, we’ll find ourselves in the area which calls S’Arenas related to the town Urzulei, where you can see the tombs of giants – archeological sites of the island which is about 3000 years old! Then we cross the valley Fennau. Here, along the way we will see a lot of domestic animals living in the wild nature. In area called Janna ‘e Rughe we cross the road SS 125, then after 5 km we arrive in the vicinity of the town Baunei, where we will have a break for a lunch-picnic near a small river at a place called Teletodes. After the lunch, we will overcome another 8 km until we reach a farm “Rifugio Oville Carta”, located near the town Baunei, where we have a dinner and our beds.


II part of the trip, 36 km

8 hours ride
      Today we’ll get to our main destination – the magic beach of Cala Sisine.
    After finishing our delicious breakfast with Sardinian homemade food, we will saddle our horses and will take a road which leads us towards the beach of Cala Sisine. Riding along this path, we will see many old abandoned farm of shepherds made out of stone. During the way we can see argalis, wild boars, mountain goats that live on the rocks of Arco di Sa Nurra. Ahead we see a chain of Serra di Cundgiada mountains, where we need to go over the tapering ridge to find ourselves in Sedda Heranu – Spring Valley. This valley got its name due to the fact that it is a flat area in the mountains, but free from stones, and because of it there are a lot of different vegetation. The last 8 km we overcome by the mountain path going down towards the beach. We will enjoy wonderful landscapes of unprecedented beauty. Having reached this beautiful place, we’ll have a big break for swimming and lunch in a small restaurant located next to the beach. Then again we return to the same farm, where we will be waiting for a delicious dinner and sleeping places.

3° Day, SUNDAY

III part of the trip, 30 km

8 hours ride
      Breakfast and departure. We start to get back to Funtana Bona. We pass by Teletodes, cross the road SS 125 and arrive at Janna ‘Rughe. From here we climb up the mountain Punta Is grutta where we can admire a beautiful view. We continue the path of ancient mountain roads used for hundreds of years by shepherds. Then you cross a river and there will be a lonely fold, where you can see wild Sardinian donkeys grazing. We stop for lunch in a fold mountain in the Valley Fennau, where you will enjoy the hospitality of the pastors that will make us taste their homemade products. After lunch we continue towards Gutturu Neoi, along a trail that at the beginning of ‘900 was used by coal miners to connect the forests of central Sardinia – Ogliastra the main ports.
    After the trail continues on a dirt road that runs along the heel imposing limestone of Monte Novo San Giovanni, so called because the top of the mountain there are still the ruins of the church. A little more and we got to the national park Funtana Bona.


Aprile – October


96 km

Difficoltà d'itinerario:


Departure from:

Caserma Montes in Funtana Bona, 15 km from Orgosolo (NU)

Transfer to Orgosolo (Funtana Bona)

Shuttle service to Orgosolo (Funtana Bona) can be provided at extra cost

Number of partecipants

Groups min 4 persons

Experience level

Professional riders


The excursion is accompanied by two guides instructors

Languages: Italian, English and Russian

All the way (except impassable places) on the route accompanies SUV to transport personal belongings, as well as soft drinks and food, with horse transport.

Horses and riding equipment

Sardinian Anglo-arabian horses,  local sardinian horses of pony-class

English saddles


Agrotourism-farm “Rifugio Ovile Carta”near of town Baunei

Catering and food

Three times meal included

Food in this hike is based on purely natural farm products: cottage cheese, prosciutto, homemade sausage, antipasti, fresh meat cooked over charcoal, house wine Cannonau, vegetables, fruit, pasta and homemade pastries.

Price of the tour

Partecipation with a proper horse250 EUR
Rent a horse80 EUR for day

Price includes:

  • Meal 3 times a day
  • Sleeping places in agrouturism
  • feeding horses
  • insurance for a rider
  • accompaniment of english gide

Price doesn't include

  • air ticket
  • transfer


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